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Alejandra Arango Uribe was born in Medellin, Colombia. She grew up looking up to her grandmother from looking her best and taking care of herself inside and out. Till this day her grandmother hasn't aged a day, from her healthy eating, to her siestas, to her lash extensions. She is a woman of class.  In 2014 Alejandra decided to change her career and went to colombia with her youngest daughter Olivia, to take a  professional makeup course, but her grandmother insisted on adding the intense lash extension course.  Alejandra quickly learned that her passion was lashes, soon after she got home she focused on her new career.  She started by traveling to client home, few months after they had to come to her do to her business growth. That’s when she thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce Vera to her passion.
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Vera Catalina Naranjo was born in Medellin, Colombia. She learned at an early age that your appearance impacts the way people identify you. Vera was bullied through elementary school. She knew at an early age that she wanted to be in the beauty industry where she could help people look and feel even more beautiful. In 2014, she attended “Make Up Designory” in Burbank, California. She loved makeup and primarily focused on eyes which became her favorite feature to focus on.  After completing her makeup training, Vera decided to join her cousin, Alejandra Arango Uribe, on a similar journey. Alejandra just finished her makeup and an intense lash extension training program in Colombia, Medellin. Vera currently resides in West Chester, Pennsylvania, where she found her passion and calling. Alejandra thought it would be a good idea to offer lash extensions with her makeup applications. Vera jumped on the opportunity to learn lash extensions and fell in love with the art quickly.

Alejandra and Vera became an all star team. They decided to share goals, work hard and expand their business, and  “The Wink Lab, LLC” was born.  


At The Wink Lab we are proud to offer eyelash products, supplies and certified instruction to all beauty professionals.


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